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Welcome to Mommy On Demand, your helpful source of guidance through the ever-changing journey of raising children. From pregnancy through parenthood, we are here to come along side and offer practical advice intended to help you be an outstanding mommy!  Whether you are a new mother, chasing a toddler, or nurturing school age kids, we want to share our first-hand experiences with you along with the hard lessons we’ve learned.  We also provide expert reviews of kids products for all ages, so that you can make an informed decision when you decide to make a purchase for your littles.



Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time, while also being tremendously trying of your patience.  While your baby grows inside you, your perseverance and character also grow while you wait, and wait some more, for the moment you finally see your child. Staying comfortable during that time is important and a quality pregnancy pillow can be a game changer for your sleep patterns.

There are plenty of decisions to be made before that day comes, and a quality fertility monitor can help with planning your family’s future.  But the extended opportunity to consider what will be best for your baby is a blessing in disguise.  Some choices are easy to change your mind about further down the road.  For example, switching between cloth diapers , non-toxic diapers, or conventional disposable diapers isn’t likely to present challenges.   On the other hand, changing the paint color in your baby’s nursery is a much larger task.

Planning well in advance for your child’s nursery is always something we highly recommend.  Researching a suitable baby monitor for your needs is smart as well, and can provide real peace of mind when your baby is napping, or sleeping throughout the night.  A video baby monitor will provide visual cues that your child is stirring without relying on sound alone, while a modern day smart baby monitor can connect to your smartphone and keep you updated in real time.

Whether you are planning to be a stay at home mommy, or a working mommy, finding the right breast pump is essential for having a supply of milk on hand for you baby.  Your milk production will vary while your baby is nursing or bottle feeding, and keeping stored breast milk will help even out periods of low milk production.

For Baby

Newborn Baby

You don’t want to be tackling projects when you bring your little bundle home.  Preparing your home for the arrival of it’s newest occupant is super important.  Assembling a proper nursery is usually an obvious project, but others are not so apparent.

Initially, your sleep schedule will revolve around feeding your bundle. A comfortable glider rocker for your baby’s nursery is essential for late night feedings, and during the day a baby swing is another soothing piece that will rock your baby to sleep.  And a white noise machine can be a huge help to cover up background noise that might awaken a light sleeping baby.

Thankfully newborn babies don’t get especially dirty.  But don’t worry, you’ll do plenty of bathing later on.  For now, finding the best baby bathtub will provide support and a helpful design for tubby time.

Figuring out what makes your newborn tick is both a challenging and rewarding experience, as you gain understanding and insight into your child’s personality.  Lots of diaper changing is in your future, so assembling a useful diaper changing table and baby wipe warmer will keep you and your baby comfortable.

Before you know it your baby will be rolling over, and trying to crawl.  Part of preparing your home is going to focus on safety.  Babies are curious about everything, and a good baby proofing kit will help to secure your cabinets, outlets, and doorknobs to protect your child from accidents.

For Kids

Kids Toy Reviews

Kids are wildly inventive, full of energy, and adventurous as the day is long.  Not to mention, they are learning about the world around them at a rate that we adults often forget experiencing.  While meeting those needs can be demanding, providing for your kids growth and entertainment is also very rewarding.

Even as little toddlers, children love to play hard and experience new things.  Much like building blocks, coordination and fine motor skills are a combination of movements that are learned over months and years.  For example, before kids learn to ride a bike, they will likely start with learning to peddle kids tricycles and then move on to a larger kids bike with training wheels, etc.

Outdoor play requires a wide variety of clothing and safety equipment to keep your kids warm and protected from the elements.  Winter clothing is important in colder climates and kids winter coats are the first line of defense against the cold. In summer the outdoor grea changes drastically, but is equally important nonetheless.

Kids love cruising on toys, and kids electric cars are amazing little buggies that provide hours and hours of entertainment.  Power Wheels, among other reputable companies, make incredible little reproductions of Trucks, Jeeps, Sports Cars, and Four-Wheelers that are sure to bring a big smile to any child’s face.

But not every kids toy needs to be a motorized vehicle.  A quality kids wagon can provide many years of outdoor fun and entertainment without breaking the bank.  Many models offer very helpful features and can even seat multiple kids, hold drinks, provide sun protection, and ensure everyone has a great time.

Baby Furniture

Baby Furniture

Stimulating your baby’s mind is essential for cognitive growth and often that pursuit goes hand-in-hand with keeping your baby comfortable and safe.  Acquiring all the various baby furniture is one of the biggest initial expenses.

Very young babies sleep a lot, and during the night you will likely want your baby nearby.  A comfortable baby co-sleeper or bassinet are a few popular options that many parents like a lot.  And as your infant grows, and hopefully is starting to sleep through the night, baby cribs come in a variety of designs to fit your style.

Once your bambino comes to the right age for feeding you’ll likely use a high chair right through the toddler years.  So in addition to high chair for baby, you’ll want to find a working high chair for toddlers as well.

Exercise is a big contributor toward building the coordination your baby needs in order to learn how to walk.  Using a baby bouncer is excellent for building strength in your baby’s legs.  Another good source of increasing coordination and entertainment is a baby exersaucer.

As your toddler grows and develops, their sleeping arrangements will inevitably need to change as well.  One of the most accommodating options are convertible cribs, which can grow with your child.


Travel With Kids

At some point you will go on vacation, or spend a night away from home.  Another flexible option as a crib for travel is a pack n play, which also can double as a play yard for your little one.

You’ll definitely need a car seat to travel with kids, but there are a number of features to consider before you make that purchase.  A car seat stroller combo is a super popular option, but if you make separate purchases you’ll need to be sure your car seat is compatible with the stroller you choose.

Babies can really find enjoyment in getting out and seeing their surroundings.  Taking your baby on a walk in a stroller is a great way to take advantage of that time and get valuable exercise.  A jogging stroller is a good way to take it up a notch, and maximize your work out time.

Strollers can be pretty heavy, so you might consider a lightweight stroller option to make travel a bit easier.  After all, loading a heavy and awkward stroller in and out of a vehicle could lead to injury if you are overdoing it.

As your child gets older they will transitions from rear facing to forward facing while riding in the car.  This is why you should always select a convertible car seat that can mount to the seat n either direction.  And when your child starts to out-grow conventional car seats, booster seats for your child are a vital in keeping your child safe.

One of the most versatile options on the market is a stroller wagon.  Along with sun protection and comfortable seating, wagons are super fun for kids and can be much more convenient than a conventional stroller.