Letter Recognition

My son is in preschool right now and we have been working on learning to recongnize his letters.  He is really good at knowing his alphabet but we are needing help with letter recognition.   I have been trying hard but knowing my son I know I need to make it fun and entertaining for him.

I got to thinking and kind of browsed around on Pinterest and I saw this idea and I knew it was something he would enjoy.   It was so simple and not much effort was involved in making it.

letter recognition

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Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

I just love Spring!   The weather is warming up, the lawn is turning green and the birds are out chirping!  But it also means that Easter will be coming soon as well.   My kids have always loved dying Easter eggs.  But everytime we do the little container with the dye gets tipped over, which is never fun.   I saw the Shaving Cream Easter Eggs on Pinterest last year and I thought of giving them try finally.

shaving cream easter eggs

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Valentine’s Day Sensory Play

Now that my son is getting older I have been wanting to make some sensory bins.   Since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon I thought why not make a themed bin for Valentine’s Day Sensory play.   Sensory bins are a new thing to me.  I have been researching sensory bins and I found they are a great way to help your child explore.  Sensory bins help your child use all 5 of their senses depending on how you make your bins.   These sensory bins help with fine motor skills, imagination playing, language and so much more.   If you want to read more about the benefits of Sensory bins check out Not Just cute, she has been a great resource.


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