Smoked Turkey Breast

It’s that time of year when everyone is starting to plan out your Thanksgiving menus.  Well look no further I will have you covered in the turkey department!  This past year we got a wood pellet grill or smoker as most people call them. It is the best thing that has happened to our dinner table!   It cooks the juiciest chicken, steaks, kabobs and even pizza….yes I said pizza!  I loved this smoker from day one and we use it all the time.  A few weeks back I thought lets smoke a turkey breast…and it was AMAZING!!  And I have basically been craving to make another I did!

I took step by step pictures this time so it will be easy for everyone to make their own Smoked Turkey Breast!!


To start, the night before I brined my turkey.   Check out my recipe here.  You don’t have to brine your turkey but I think it makes so much more flavorful.

Now remember this is for a Smoked Turkey Breast.  If you were doing a whole turkey it will take longer to cook.

I turned on the grill and started it 275 degrees.  Our feeder had applewood pellets but we were running low so we used a little bit of gourmet blend as well.  They tasted well together. Place turkey right in the center.  My husband seasoned the turkey with something he found at the sporting goods store, but season with anything you like.

Now the best part, you get to walk away and check back in a few hours!

smoked turkey breast

1 hour later

smoked turkey breast

2 hours later

smoked turkey breast

3 hours later and we have reached 165 degrees and our Smoked Turkey Breast is now done!


After our turkey was done, I took it off the smoker and brought it inside and covered it with tinfoil for about 15 minutes.  Or just long enough for you to get the rest of your meal ready for your family.

smoked turkey breast

Just look at all the juice dripping off.  Even when you smoke a turkey you can still get that crispy skin!

smoked turkey breast

My son kept telling me to hurry up with my pictures so he could eat.  My son is super picky eater but he LOVES his turkey!

smoked turkey breast