Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

I just love Spring!   The weather is warming up, the lawn is turning green and the birds are out chirping!  But it also means that Easter will be coming soon as well.   My kids have always loved dying Easter eggs.  But everytime we do the little container with the dye gets tipped over, which is never fun.   I saw the Shaving Cream Easter Eggs on Pinterest last year and I thought of giving them try finally.

shaving cream easter eggs

These are so easy to make and my kids loved getting there hands dirty!  But just don’t forget to hard boil your eggs first.

You only need a few house hold item to make these Shaving Cream Easter Eggs come to life!

shaving cream easter eggs 2

I gave a very generous amount of shaving cream into a casserole dish this lots of splashes of food coloring

shaving cream easter eggs 3

We gave them a swirl with a straw and then we added our eggs!

shaving cream easter eggs 4

Mix the eggs all around with a spoon or cover those little fingers with gloves/baggies and let the kiddos go to town, playing with the eggs in the shaving cream.

shaving cream easter eggs 5

When the eggs are so pretty remove from shaving cream and let them sit for about 10 minutes.  Then softly wipe off the remaining shaving cream.

shaving cream easter eggs 6

 They were pretty simple to make and the most inportant part the kids had a lot of fun.  I think the shaving cream gives them a tie-dye look.


  1. I love this idea! My kids would be totally into this. Visiting from Inspiration Monday party.

  2. What a great idea! The eggs look so nice! Pinned :)