Reading time with my son

I really enjoy spending quality time with my son.  I love reading books to him cause it tends to calm him down at nap time and at bed time.  Now that he is getting a little bit older I have graduated over to reading  longer stories.  I didnt have many books since he is my first child.  I was at Target the other day and I wanted to buy some more books and I love Dr. Suess.  But when I looked at the prices I was shocked, I mean 8.99 is not alot but for 1 book I thought it was ridiculous. So I just happened to be next the DI so I thought I would stop and see if they had any Dr. Suess books, turns out they had 5 books and I bought them all for 2.00 bucks and they are in excellent condition.  Now I call that a great deal!