How to make the perfect hard boiled egg

With Easter only a few days away, we are all getting ready to dye our Easter eggs.   Which is the best part!!!    We are all wanting to know how to make the perfect hard boiled egg.  I will admit and so will my husband I literally suck at boiling an egg.  You wouldn’t think it would be that hard but I can never ever get it right.  I either don’t cook it long enough or the egg shell pulls off all the egg.

I have tried every tip from baking them in the oven, adding baking soda to the water, boil in 1 inch of water, steaming and the list goes on.    Even if these tips work for you they don’t necessarily work for me.    I have been trying my new method for quite some time now and it seems to be working for me now.


I mean these actually still look like an egg.  The egg keep its shape and form and peeling these eggs were such a breeze.   I love when I can peel an egg and the entire shell comes off with it and 1 simple move.   Instead of little shell pieces coming off one by one and you have to use water help remove all the shell


How to make the perfect hard boiled egg
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • Water
  1. In big pot add your eggs, cover eggs completely with 1 inch of water. Place on stove top and on high heat bring to a rapid boil. Remove from heat and cover with lid and let sit for 15 minutes. Drain water and run eggs over cold water. When eggs are cool to touch start peeling your perfect eggs.

Now after the fun of dying all your eggs,  What are some of your favorite recipes to make with them?

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  1. Your eggs still have a touch of green around the outside, which means they are overcooking slightly. I use the same method that you do, but make sure the water you put in the pot to start out is cold, and I let mine sit for only 12 minutes instead of 15. Perfect every time with no green edges. The biggest help in peeling comes from not using fresh eggs. It is almost impossible to successfully peel fresh eggs. When I am planning to make deviled eggs, I buy them a week in advance. HTH.
    Lesa @Edesia’s Notebook recently posted…SRC: Meatball SubsMy Profile

  2. Great tip, thank you for sharing! You eggs look perfect by the way 😉

  3. Pefect Pefect Eggs… Simple but effective tips.. Love it,, so cute!
    Simple Nature Decor recently posted…GOLDEN TOUCH:WEDDINGMy Profile

  4. Stopping by from Whimsy Wednesday – gonna give it a try and Pinning!
    Jennifer Fishkind recently posted…DIY Furniture MakeoversMy Profile

  5. We do pretty much the same thing for our hard-boiled eggs — except, as another comment mentioned, let the eggs rest for 12 minutes before dropping their temperature.
    Betsy @ BPhotoArt recently posted…Knitting – A Lost ArtMy Profile


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