Letter Recognition

My son is in preschool right now and we have been working on learning to recongnize his letters.  He is really good at knowing his alphabet but we are needing help with letter recognition.   I have been trying hard but knowing my son I know I need to make it fun and entertaining for him.

I got to thinking and kind of browsed around on Pinterest and I saw this idea and I knew it was something he would enjoy.   It was so simple and not much effort was involved in making it.

letter recognition

All you need is a either a shoe box or I used a baby wipe container.  Lots of milk jug lids or my kids are loving Sunny Delight right now so we used those lids as well

letter recognition

 I wrote a letter on each lid and placed them in a baby wipe container.


Luckily his little hand fits inside perfectly


 Everytime we pull out a letter we say the letter and the sound it makes.   Now the hardest part is getting him to sit with me long enough to work on recognizing his letters.

I’m really hoping we will be able to get these letters down and next we need to start working on writing his letters


These letters are also come with a prefect little carrier to keep everything togehter.