Glass top cleaning! Which works best!

I honestly hate glass top ovens!!  When we bought our house the building was to far along that I was not able to add a gas stove so im currently stuck with electric.  I grew up cooking on a gas top and it was been a hard adjustment over the last few years.  I’m a messy cook! Im always flinging food out of the pan or on occasion boils over…whoops!
So my glass top never looks clean!
I saw a couple of different ways on Pinterest to clean glass tops so I thought I would try them and see which ones worked and which ideas didn’t work. 
The first idea was to use baking soda.  So I sprinkled baking soda on top.  In a separate bowl I added warm water and dish soap and got two dish towels wet.  I placed the damp towels on top of the baking soda for 20 minutes and scrubbed afterwards.
My GROSS stove top!

 It made a little difference but not enough to make me happy about it. I think it got the top layer off gunk off (gunk is a word..right)
So I thought I would give the next Pinterest idea a try.   It was to soak your oven top with vinegar.  I let the vinegar sit for about 20 minutes.  I cleaned it off and still didn’t get the clean I was looking for! (forgot to take pictures with vinegar)
Next was to use a razor blade.  I have used the blade before and it does work but I never used the blade this much.  I really scrubbed hard with blade!  I thought I would scratch my top but I never did. I think this is my WINNER!

All nice and clean
Forgive my window glare
I think the razor blade worked the best!  Maybe it was the combo of the baking soda and vinegar.  I don’t know but I really think it was the razor blade!  It was scrapping all the gunk off! 
Now my stove top looks so much better and it even has a shine to it now. 


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  5. The best thing I’ve found for glass tops is Barkeepers Friend. It is non-abrasive. In fact, I don’t use any other powders in my house because this guy does such a good job (and fairly inexpensive also).