"Egg-cited" for Easter

When me and my brother were going up my parents and grandparents always had an Easter egg hunt.  My mom would always hide our baskets, leave clues to find it or even leave a trail of jelly beans leading to our baskets.  My grandparents have a massive backyard so it was fun trying to find the eggs and the little toys for each of us.  My grandma would give each of us a ribbon color that we would need to look for so we knew which toys were ours and not your siblings or cousin. 
Now that im a mom I want to start making traditions with my family.  I remember all these little things so much that I want my son to have these memories as well.  Besides its fun to watch there faces and see there reactions.
Such a cute idea to make and also really fun.  They are so cute im not sure I want to eat them
She has a lot I mean a lot of cute and creative ideas for Easter.  I love how she gets the kids involved.  I can’t wait until next year to start this a tradition.  This year he is way to young to understand.
I have been so “egg-cited” for Easter this year. Its my first year making a basket for my baby (I have made the husband one before but a baby makes holidays a lot more fun)  I was kind of lost as what to put in his basket since he cant really do much or eat much. 
Such a fun way to entertain your kids with lots of ideas

The best part of Easter is dying the eggs.  I like how you can use Kool-Aid cause kids like to lick their fingers and I rather it be Kool-aid then the dyeing kit chemicals
Real Life

These are just a few cute and creative ideas for Easter. 

Do you have an Easter traditions?  Im always looking for new ways to celebrate!


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