Easy Tin Foil Dinners

Have you ever had a Tin Foil Dinner?  If you haven’t then you are missing out.  We usually make these when we are camping and toss them into the fire pit to cook.  But since we don’t go camping as much as I would like lately, I have started making them and baking them in the oven.  It’s nice and easy and there are less dishes at the end of night.
You can basically add any kind of meat and veggies.  Its nice to help clean out the fridge before your produce goes bad.
First get your tinfoil if you heavy duty it works better.  Pull out about 24″ and fold in half
Next add your meat. We did hamburger that I seasoned with different spices.  Chicken is great also.  Try to make your meat into a ptty so it cooks evenly.
Next you can any vegetables that your family loves.  I added sliced potatoes, carrots, corn, onion and green pepper. I usually add broccoli but we were out.
I also add a can of cream chicken soup that I dilute with a little bit of milk so its a little bit creamier.  I add about a 1 tbsp of butter.  I sprinkle some more spices on top.
Next fold over the top and fold the sides into each other to make a pouch.  If you have long nails be careful not to poke a hole in the tinfoil
Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 1 hour and 20 minutes
Be careful when you open it up.  There is a lot of steam inside the pouch.
Ta-da!  Dinner is made.  
The great thing about this meal is you can make it the day before and keep in the fridge and toss it into the oven when you get home from work.  More time to play with your babies instead of cooking!


  1. I love doing tinfoil dinners, I haven’t cooked like that in a while… Thanks for reminding me :)
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  2. Great idea! Thanks for checking out my blog! Followed back!

  3. Love the new Header. Great job!

    Desiree @ YourCraftyFriend

  4. Yes–nothing better than a Foil Dinner. Canyon weather is just around the corner. Hubby has spent many years as a Scout Master–he has the Foil Dinner down to a science. Yum.

  5. Perfect with summer & camping coming up! Thanks for sharing at Sweet & Savory Saturdays!