DIY Advent Calendars

With Christmas right around the corner I wanted to start making some family traditions.   Now with my son being 2 years old I think he will start to have fun and hopefully understand the concept of only 1 piece of candy a day.   We will see how that goes.

At my mom’s ward for homemaking they had these adorable DIY Advent Calendars.   I thought they were cute, simple, easy to re-use every year.  So I decide to buy some and put them together.


I didn’t take any pictures as we were making them but they are really quite simple to make.

I even think it would be fun for the kids to make there own  Advent Calendar and have it hang on there bedroom doors.   Get them all excited about the countdown until Santa comes to town.

All you need for DIY Advent Calendar is:

Card stock paper cut into squares

ribbon, lace, stickers or emblems anything to give your card some Christmas flare


ribbon to hang pan

mini 24 cup cupcake pan

Just assemble your cards and jazz them all up.   With your magnets, place a little magnet in each corner (total of 4 on a card) to cover over cupcake hole.  Now you can either purchase  24 ct cupcake holder or if you already have some just use that pan instead of purchasing another.  Which I did, I was thinking I didn’t want to store the pans and why waste the money if I already have them.   I just had my husband drill 2 holes on the top of the pan to hold my ribbon.


Now the fun part is to fill the cups up with candy.   I choose use candy kisses because I think it will be easier cleanup if my toddler gets a hold of the pan.

Now to have fun  and something sweet to have each day to start the countdown until Santa Claus comes!

I would love to hear your family traditions?  I have been wanting to start some new ones with my small growing family!


  1. This is adorable! I would have never though to use a cupcake pan like this!!
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