Easy DIY Crib Rail Cover

My little man has finally started the biting phase.  We have about 7 chompers now and at any chance he gets he will bite you and let me tell you, those teeth are SHARP!  I have been wanting to make a crib rail cover before he starts biting his crib and leave those cute little teeth marks.
I honestly couldn’t believe how easy they were to actually make. I made 2 of them in just one night.  (The extra one I took to grandma’s house for her crib)  I know you are able to buy crib rail covers at most baby stores but my crib has an extra wide top and they wouldn’t fit.   So I decided to make one instead.  The best part it only cost me less then 20 bucks for the quilted fabric and the bias tape.
First, you need to lay out your fabric and measure to the length you need.  Make sure you add an extra 2 inches for when you fold in the sides for sewing.
 I choose to use the quilted fabric that already had the batting on the inside.  Saving my self an extra step.
The longest and most time consuming part is the pinning.  I got smarter with my second cover, I folded the fabric over once and removed the pin and folded over again and re-pinned.   Saving myself, to sew around the cover twice.
Demonstrating my double fold
For the ties I used the bias tape.  I did sew down the edge to make it look more complete and so I didn’t have to worry about it fraying open.  I measured the ties out evenly with my cover size.  I would recommend about two inches in from the corner edge so its easier to tie to your crib.
YIPPEE!!   Your done!  It was so simple and easy and ALOT cheaper then having to buy one.  The best part you are able to design and pick the colors of your nursery to coordinate.
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