DIY Toddler Activities

So I have a confession!   The hubs and I are on a bowling league…..that’s right a bowling league!!  I truly enjoy it, it is something fun that we are able together every week and have fun with our family and friends.    I have actually kind of enjoyed bowling.   Trust me im not a great bowler I only average about 125 verses my hubs who averages about 235.   We often times take our son with us.  He loves coming to bowling because he gets to run around, play in the arcade, everyone there spoils him with toys and candy and he actually gets to push the ball down the lanes a few times.

So I was trying to come up with some ideas to entertain the little man.    So I have been saving up his favorite Danimals yogurt drinks to turn them into bowling pins.    And since I have a son we have a balls in every size that he can choose to roll down the hallway.


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Easy Yarn Easter Eggs

Having little boy makes the holidays alot more fun!!!   I get excited to decorate our home for the holidays.   I have been wanting to make these Easy Yarn Easter Eggs since last Easter and well this year I finally got around to making to them.

They were beyond easy to make and alot of fun!  I combined them into 3 easy steps.

Easy Step 1:  Purchase Sta-flo liquid starch,  I got it at Walmart in the laundry isle $3.50, purchase water balloons $1.00, Embroidery floss .33 each (I used one entire floss per egg)


Easy Step #2  Mix 1

cup liquid starch and 1 cup flour in your blender and combine until smooth.  While you are blending away, blow up your water balloons up to your desired sizes. (note: NOT to use water you will ruin your egg)   I did a variety of large, medium and small.  In a wide bowl pour mixture.  Unravel your thread and gently place on top of mixture covering all the string.  Making sure to keep the end in reach.


Easy Step #3  Grab your string and start wrapping it all around your balloon.  Using as much or as little string as you want.  When your are done with your masterpiece, place some wax paper on the counter and place balloon egg on top to dry.  I needed about 1 full day to dry.   I did have to move the egg around to make sure all sides got dried.   Now the fun part.  Pop your balloon and very carefully pull out the balloon through the cracks of your string.


Now display your eggs proudly on your counter in a bowl or basket,  grab some more thread and turn them into garland.    I have heard of placing candy inside your balloon then when you pop them you have a fun surprise inside.  I have heard though when you pop your balloon your ballon covers the candy making it impossible to remove.   So if you wanted to use candy when you are wrapping your string leave a small opening and when the egg is completely done add in the candy.


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No Bake Granola Bars

I remember as a little girl coming home from school and looking in the pantry for snack.   Often times I would grab a Quaker Chewy Granola Bar.   The other day my little one was looking for a snack in the pantry and I wished we had some granola bars to munch on.   I got to searching online I found a few different recipes.  I liked what one had that other didn’t so I sort of made my own concoction.   So ladies and and gents I would like to introduce these No Bake Granola Bars.   They were a huge hit with me and my hubby and even little man liked his first tastes of granola bars.   These No Bake Granola Bars and exactly what they say.  They required no baking and I had them ready in 5 minutes and ready to eat in 15 minutes.


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DIY Colored Rice

I love sensory bins!!!   Now that my little boy is a lot more curious and wanting to explore new things I have decided I wanted  to make him some sensory bins for him play in, learn and discover new things.    (Watch for a future post on my sensory bin that I made!)

I saw some cute ideas on Pinterest on how to start sensory bins.   Well I found one that  had colored rice and I new right away that I wanted to make some colored rice.  Even though my son is 17 months old  and he doesn’t know his colors but I still thought it was a fun way to bring some color into his bins.

Colored rice is simple to make and you probably have everything in your in home.


Not only will your kids have fun playing around in the pretty rice but I did to!  It was fun to swirl around, run through my fingers and simply just playing around.

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Negative feedback about tablets for toddlers

I recently had some negative feedback on my Facebook about a post.  I was actually quite shocked and kind of hurt at the negative comments I received.  I did in fact recently buy my 17 month old son a tablet.  Crazy….well maybe!  But I got to thinking,  When we decided on purchasing this tablet we wanted it to be used for educational purposes and on the occasion if we need to we could watch a movie on long road trips.  I know there are alot of things that a 17 month can’t do or learn.   But I take comfort in knowing that my son is learning new things each day.   Toddlers are very curious busy bodies.  I know we are all guilty of giving them our phones.  Have you actually watched them move their little fingers around on the screen.  Kids learn by exploring new things.

There is a big variety of kid’s tablets out there.  They have Leapfrog, nabi and Vtech which are all very educational and you can purchase additional games for them.  But I didn’t want to have to keep track of all the additional games so we went with a Google android tablet.  Nothing too big and definitely not to pricey, actually it was the same price as the above tablets in some cases it was cheaper.  In fact the case im looking into buying for his tablet costs more then the tablet itself.  Because I know it will get dropped or thrown so I will purchase a durable case to help it last as long as possible.

I got this idea when my son got this toy for his birthday.


I didn’t want to have to leave my phone with my son so he could play with his new toy.  Hesitantly I did download the suggested apps and I did leave my phone in the puppy so he could play. He had a great time playing dancing and interacting.  But also at the same time mom needed her phone back.    But after a while he would just want my phone and he would listen and dance to the apps.

We don’t watch a lot of tv but when we do.  We watch Baby First, its favorite channel.  We sing, dance, clap and play along with shows.  Well I recently found out I was able to download apps from this great program but I wanted to get it on tablet.  So I have downloaded a few of his favorite shows, educational lessons and a few easy games.

But the main reason for this purchase, I never think it is young to start teaching your children!  I have found some great apps that use numbers, colors, shapes, and learning your animals and listen to the sounds the make!

So im 100% happy that I have purchased this great educational tablet for my son!  If you have any positive feedback or any apps that children love that are educational, please leave me a comment!