Easter Round Up from Happiness is Homemade Hostess’s

Well ladies and gentleman you are in for a treat from your hostess’s at Happiness is Homemade Link Party!!   So we brought you some of our personal favorite recipes and crafts to help wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

easter roundup

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Easter Basket Idea

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! I think a big part of it is because I know Spring is here.  Especially after the bitter cold winter and all the snow we had this year I am ready for Spring.

Every year for Easter we usually

do the traditional Easter egg in the backyard, the Easter ham and potatoes for dinner and let kids play with stuff in their baskets.   This year I will being going a little non traditional and I will not be having the “baskets”.

I got this Easter Basket Idea when I saw few different varietys on Pinterest.  We are recently got a camp trailer and we plan on using it a lot this Summer.  So I wanted to get the kids excited about our upcoming Summer and all the fun activities we will be doing this year.

Easter Basket Idea
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M&M’s® Crispy Rainbow

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If you have yet to experience the M&M’s® Crispy then you need to hop in your car and head to Walmart now!  I’m actually pretty excited that the M&M’s® Crispy have returned!   This was actually my first time enjoying these and I can proudly say I am hooked.

1 hero

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner I wanted a fun way to enjoy these M&M’s® with our family and friends.   I love the bright colors that M&M’s® use with their products.    All the colors remind me of a rainbow so there is no better way to showcase them then with a rainbow!   Which is perfect for the upcoming holiday.

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Pine Cone Wreath

This is one of my favorite wreaths I have ever made!   I was cleaning out the garage a few weeks back and I came across a bag of pine cones that I collected for a craft project that I never got around to making.   So I was fiddling around on Pinterest of course and I saw this Pine Cone Wreath and I fell in love with it!   I think it was from Martha Stewart.

It’s just what my front door needed!!


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DIY Advent Calendars

With Christmas right around the corner I wanted to start making some family traditions.   Now with my son being 2 years old I think he will start to have fun and hopefully understand the concept of only 1 piece of candy a day.   We will see how that goes.

At my mom’s ward for homemaking they had these adorable DIY Advent Calendars.   I thought they were cute, simple, easy to re-use every year.  So I decide to buy some and put them together.


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Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting

Now that Fall is here I have pumpkin on the brain!!!!

These are by far the best Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting you will ever have, they are simply amazing!!!

My coworker brought these to work about a year or so ago, and to this day everyone still talks about them.  They are so moist, full of pumpkin flavor and to make them even better the frosting….oh man that frosting absolutely completes them!


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Halloween Table

Halloween Table

Hey everyone! So glad to be here and finally introduce myself. I’m Lindsay with Frenchie and I love anything and everything with a thought behind it. It doesn’t need to be homemade cause let’s face it, sometimes that just gets to be a bit stressful. I love taking things a little unexpected and making them into pretty killer things. Like this old cigar box that I just used some simple Hemp Oil on and my kids use it for school items now! I’m also really known for using my Cricut Explore since I got it a few months ago. Holy cow, awesomeness! They are going to be having a Black Friday sale that you won’t believe and I highly suggest you grab it!

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Easy Yarn Easter Eggs

Having little boy makes the holidays alot more fun!!!   I get excited to decorate our home for the holidays.   I have been wanting to make these Easy Yarn Easter Eggs since last Easter and well this year I finally got around to making to them.

They were beyond easy to make and alot of fun!  I combined them into 3 easy steps.

Easy Step 1:  Purchase Sta-flo liquid starch,  I got it at Walmart in the laundry isle $3.50, purchase water balloons $1.00, Embroidery floss .33 each (I used one entire floss per egg)


Easy Step #2  Mix 1 cup liquid starch and 1 cup flour in your blender and combine until smooth.  While you are blending away, blow up your water balloons up to your desired sizes. (note: NOT to use water you will ruin your egg)   I did a variety of large, medium and small.  In a wide bowl pour mixture.  Unravel your thread and gently place on top of mixture covering all the string.  Making sure to keep the end in reach.


Easy Step #3  Grab your string and start wrapping it all around your balloon.  Using as much or as little string as you want.  When your are done with your masterpiece, place some wax paper on the counter and place balloon egg on top to dry.  I needed about 1 full day to dry.   I did have to move the egg around to make sure all sides got dried.   Now the fun part.  Pop your balloon and very carefully pull out the balloon through the cracks of your string.


Now display your eggs proudly on your counter in a bowl or basket,  grab some more thread and turn them into garland.    I have heard of placing candy inside your balloon then when you pop them you have a fun surprise inside.  I have heard though when you pop your balloon your ballon covers the candy making it impossible to remove.   So if you wanted to use candy when you are wrapping your string leave a small opening and when the egg is completely done add in the candy.


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