As seen on Pinterest- DIY eye makeup remover

I love Pinterest!  Im always trying new recipes, crafts and DIY.   So I decided im going to try things on Pinterest and blog about it tell you if it really does work or not.  I think it will be fun to experiment with all these pins to see if it really works or not.  So im going to call this segment AS SEEN ON PINTEREST.  Come back every week to see what I have tried.

For my first segment, I thought I would try eye makeup remover.  I recently ran out on im not in the mood to go to the store.  So I got on Pinterest!  There were lots of recipes for this and they were all pretty much the same.  Lucky for me I recently had a baby so I had everything in the house.

To make this you will need:
1 cup water
1 Tsp baby oil
1/2 tsp tear free baby soap
Mix all together and store in tight container.

I think it turned out pretty well.  I did add a little extra soap and I think it works alot better. Shake before each use.

Total cost: $0.00 I had everything at home

If there is anything you find on Pinterest and want me to try please email me!