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Sweet Whiskey Street Tacos

We love tacos at our house!  We probably have them at least twice a month.   I’m always on the search to try something new, to spice up taco night.  My husband was recently working by one of those taco trucks.  I personally would never be able to eat at one but he gave it a try after his coworkers went their the previous day.  Well he loved it and said it was one of the best street tacos he has ever had. So that’s where I got the idea to make my own street tacos.

Well they were fantastic!


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Negative feedback about tablets for toddlers

I recently had some negative feedback on my Facebook about a post.  I was actually quite shocked and kind of hurt at the negative comments I received.  I did in fact recently buy my 17 month old son a tablet.  Crazy….well maybe!  But I got to thinking,  When we decided on purchasing this tablet we wanted it to be used for educational purposes and on the occasion if we need to we could watch a movie on long road trips.  I know there are alot of things that a 17 month can’t do or learn.   But I take comfort in k

nowing that my son is learning new things each day.   Toddlers are very curious busy bodies.  I know we are all guilty of giving them our phones.  Have you actually watched them move their little fingers around on the screen.  Kids learn by exploring new things.

There is a big variety of kid’s tablets out there.  They have Leapfrog, nabi and Vtech which are all very educational and you can purchase additional games for them.  But I didn’t want to have to keep track of all the additional games so we went with a Google android tablet.  Nothing too big and definitely not to pricey, actually it was the same price as the above tablets in some cases it was cheaper.  In fact the case im looking into buying for his tablet costs more then the tablet itself.  Because I know it will get dropped or thrown so I will purchase a durable case to help it last as long as possible.

I got this idea when my son got this toy for his birthday.


I didn’t want to have to leave my phone with my son so he could play with his new toy.  Hesitantly I did download the suggested apps and I did leave my phone in the puppy so he could play. He had a great time playing dancing and interacting.  But also at the same time mom needed her phone back.    But after a while he would just want my phone and he would listen and dance to the apps.

We don’t watch a lot of tv but when we do.  We watch Baby First, its favorite channel.  We sing, dance, clap and play along with shows.  Well I recently found out I was able to download apps from this great program but I wanted to get it on tablet.  So I have downloaded a few of his favorite shows, educational lessons and a few easy games.

But the main reason for this purchase, I never think it is young to start teaching your children!  I have found some great apps that use numbers, colors, shapes, and learning your animals and listen to the sounds the make!

So im 100% happy that I have purchased this great educational tablet for my son!  If you have any positive feedback or any apps that children love that are educational, please leave me a comment!

Create it or Bake it #3

Welcome back to another great week of Create it or Bake it!  We had such a great turn out these past few weeks.   I really appreciate everyone coming over and linking up and helping me spread the word.   Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!  

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Create it or Bake it

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 Sandra from A Dash of Sanity

As a mother of five, daycare provider, and head chef/owner of Delectable Moments, a catering business I started four years ago, I’ve discovered ways to make life easier while maintaining great taste. And on occasion, I find solace in the adventure of a challenging recipe or the elevation of an experience with heartfelt touches and a bit of panache.  I want people to feel my love through my food. I cooked my first meal eight years ago after spending several years in the fast-paced tech industry. During that time, I was able to dine at many fine restaurants across the country from LA to New York, leading to the knowledge that good food is worth the extra time and money. But you can’t take kids to those places, and my fate led to marrying a middle school teacher. As a result, I wanted to blend my two known worlds into one – where food, pleasure, and a conservative budget could collide on a plate and still create lasting memories. So whether you’re looking for a sweet dessert, crockpot recipe, or something more refined, I hope a dash of Sanity provides you with just that… an idea, a laugh, encouragement, or just a break from the everyday madness.

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Lemon Broccoli Pasta with Chicken

I love pasta and chicken recipes!  This one is definitely on my list of favorite dishes.   The flavors were amazing together!  Plus this recipe seemed really fresh and light to me, It wasn’t heavy like alfredo dishes, which I really liked!


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Easy Parmesan Garlic Knots

I have another great bread recipe to share today!  It so simple and easy to make.  The kids would have a great time helping you make this recipe.  So make sure you hop on over to The Best Blog Recipes to check out this fantastic recipe!



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Create it or Bake it #2


Create it or Bake it

Thank you everyone for coming over to my first link party!  I thought we had great success and im even more excited to see what this week brings!

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Easy DIY Artisan Bread

Im one of the biggest carb lovers out there!  I love my pasta, grains and especially I love bread!

Plus to top it off, I love me a good artisan bread!   I can eat the entire to loaf to myself…actually I think I did!

I know some people are scared to actually make bread…I was one of them.   But I love this recipe because it so beyond easy to make.  It definately is a different recipe with not letting the yeast and water grow together but somehow it works and makes a lovely slice of bread.

Ain’t she pretty…I still can’t believe that I made it!

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Chicken Pillows

We have been making this recipe for the longest time.  My mom always use to make this recipe for us when we were kids.  Now im happy that I am able to make it for family and it has quickly became one of our family favorite meals to make.  I like this recipe because it is easy to throw together and I usually always have the ingredients on hand.
Im also a big fan of sauce!!  The more sauce I have the better.  So definitely make sure you have the sauce!
Plus if you are a small family like me, this recipe makes a lot.  So make all the “pillows” and place the extras in the freezer, just don’t bake them until you are ready to eat them.

Create it or Bake it #1

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

I have mentioned before my love for pudding cookies!!  If you haven’t tried them yet then you need to jump on it.  For the life of me I have never been able to make a cookie.  Mine are always flat, crunchy and well look nothing like a cookie.

The thing about these cookies is the pumpkin spice pudding mix give your cookie a nice pumpkin flavor.  But if you want to make these cookies start looking for the pumpkin spice pudding mix now cause it is only out for a limited of time!  I was only able to find it at Walmart, then make sure to buy a few extra boxes!


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