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Cookies & Cream Puppy Chow

I have mentioned before my love for Oreo cookies!!   They are absolutely my favorite snack to have in the house…my hips my not like them but I still love them anyways.  I was having family come into town and we always get together and play some sort of card games.  So I wanted to have to have some snacks that we all could enjoy.   The first thing that came to mind was muddy buddies.   When I started looking for muddy buddy recipes on line I was in shock at the variety that was availbale.  Then I saw this recipe from your Cup of Cake  and I knew right away that I needed to make it.

Well it was a huge hit and I fell in love with this recipe. So I know you will to.

On a side note, I always like to read the comments on recipes just to see if someone said they liked it.  I found it funny how people wanted us to make sure that we should not be feeding our dogs such a snack…ha ha!

Oreo Muddy Buddies

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Rumbi Teriyaki Rice Bowl

We love going out to dinner…but honestly who doesn’t!  We love Rumbi’s because it is quicker then a restaurant but classier then the a fast food restaurant.   Plus with a 1 year old we only have about 20 minutes to eat before he is ready to start running for the door.

  There is just something about not having to worry about what to make for dinner.   I don’t have to worry about going to the grocery store and again with toddler sometimes that can be nightmare.  I don’t have to cleaning it up.  Because if your like me I put off emptying the dishwasher all day and now I have both sided of the sink full of dirty dishes.

 Well in the real world I wish I could

afford to go out to dinner every night, but since we are unable to do that we have to go ahead and make some copycat recipes instead.   My mom came across this recipe awhile back and she told me made again recently and that it was really good.  So I thought why not add to our families menu for the month.

I’m so glad I did because it seriously it the spot!


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Easy Shepard’s Pie

It’s  that time again for me to guest post over at The Best Blog Recipes

There is nothing I love more then comfort foods!!  There is just something about the temperatures dropping and the fresh crisp air in the morning.   So come on over to The Best Blog Recipes and check out my new recipes that will soon be your family favorite!


How to can your garden tomatoes!

I love having a garden!

I love all the fresh produce you can get and I love making salsa’s and pico de gallo or just having a fresh garden tomato to put on my salad, hamburger or even tacos.  But if your like me we get tons of tomatoes all at once and we can not eat them fast enough.  So a few years back I started canning whole tomatoes to put in my food pantry.  We use the tomatoes for soups or even to make salsa.  Not only does it help save your family money but its fun to help preserve the produce that you grew and to be able to enjoy it all year long.

canning tomatoes

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Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup

Well Fall has hit Utah already and its still early September.  It was a smothering 100+ degrees one day and right when September 1st came it has been chilly and rainy just about everyday since then.  Which im not complaining but Utah has some crazy weather so im just hoping we get to enjoy Fall a little bit more before the brutal Winter hits.

So im basically getting a jump start on getting ready for Fall and Winter.  There is nothing more comforting then soup and a chilly day.

We love love enchiladas in our house and since its a cold day I thought why not turn enchiladas into soup. This recipe has quickly tuned into one of our favorites.


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Yikes im switching over!

Hey everyone!!
Im currently in the process of switching over to WordPress.
Be back soon with lots of new recipes to share!

Making your own Crispy Corn Tortilla Strips

I like to have these on hand when we make soups and chili’s or even for salads.  I need to have that “crunch” when im eating certain meals.
These  are super easy to make and they are great to add to any meal.
1. Cut a few corn tortilla’s to the size you want.  I personally like to have mine in small bite size.  I think it is alot easier to eat.
2. Place about 1/2 cup of oil in a small sauce pan and let it get hot.  Place a few of the strips in the oil and stir occasionally until they are crispy and lightly brown.  Remove from oil and sprinkle with salt, taco seasoning or chili lime seasoning.  Just add the flavor you are trying to get with your meal.
3. Lay strips on a paper towel to catch the excess oil.  Serve with your favorite meal.
Keep leftovers in a Ziploc baggie.

$500 Gift card Giveaway!

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