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How to survive teething!

My little man was about 9 1/2 months old when he started to get his bottom two teeth.  As a first time mom, I had no idea what to expect.  I mean it has been 27 years since I last experienced teething..ha ha.  I figured there would be drooling and to give him Tylenol for the pain.  But I was not prepared for the fevers, the whining, the crying, not napping or sleeping at night, not wanting to eat or drink and the constant need to be held.  It was all exhausting but a great way to listen to my baby without him speaking to me.  I could tell when he was is pain or hungry or simply just needed his mommy to hold him.
I was always under the impression with teeth that you get one or two teeth take a little break and then get a few more a few weeks later.  Well with my son we have 6 teeth breaking through right now.  3 on top and 3 on the bottom.  That’s a lot of teeth to get on 2 1/2 weeks.
These are few items that I used to help to help us survive teething!

You must have a children’s pain relief! Just make sure you ask your pediatrician how much pain reliever your baby should take for their weight.  When I knew he was in pain I would immediately give him some and I would try to stay on top of it so the pain didn’t get worse.

I have heard that teething tablets work a lot better then the gel.  They seem easy enough,but kind of hard to get the tablet under the tongue, but as soon as he takes one it must be a sign of relief for him cause he immediately stops crying.
 Lots and lots of teething toys!  I always keep one or two in the fridge or freezer so they are cold when he needs one.  They have a few different kinds that have different textures for them to gnaw on.
 I had one of these already so I was able to give my little guy some fresh fruits but didn’t want to worry about him choking.  My moms friend said she would freeze fruit then give it to her daughter to suck and gnaw on while she was teething.  Plus with them not eating hopefully they are getting a little extra nutrients this way.

I would also try and distract him and play with him even more.  We would go on walks, play with bubbles, play with our dog, play patty-cake.  Anything I could think of that would help distract him from the pain. I hope a few of these tips help you and your baby during the teething process.  Like I said I was completely blind sided on the teething experience and these few things help us.  Even when little man was driving me nuts and we were both exhausted I took advantage of all the snuggling time I could get!  They need lots of TLC!

If you have any other ideas that you use to help you survive, please leave me a comment.  I am always up for suggestions and advice!

Homemade Bread Sticks

Who honestly doesn’t like bread sticks?  I personally could just eat bread all day every day and be completely satisfied!
I got this recipe from on of my really good friend!  Ever since I have made them I have been wanting to make them again and again.  These sort of remind me Little Caesars bread sticks and Olive Garden. These would compliment any meal.
The best part, this recipe is super easy!!  I had them made and baked under an hour!

Homemade Bread Sticks

1 1/2 cups warm water
2 Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp yeast
Mix together in a large bowl.  Let sit for 5 minutes until yeast is bubbly.
Then add:
3 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
Knead together and let rest 10 minutes.  Roll dough out on a floured surface.  Melt about 2 Tbsp butter and spread across dough. Sprinkle with garlic salt and parmesan cheese.  Fold dough in half.  Cut into 1″ strips. Grab a strip and twist together.  Place on a sprayed baking sheet. Let rest for another 15 minutes.  Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.  Once they are done melt a little extra butter and brush on top.  Sprinkle again with garlic salt and parmesan cheese.

Hope your family enjoys them as much as we do.
My Notes:
I occasionally with sprinkle the McCormick Salad Supreme Seasoning instead of garlic salt. It is just as yummy!

Orange Dreamsicle Poke Cake

I was doing my weekly grocery shopping and I came across Pillsbury Orangsicle Cake Mix.   I thought it sounded delicious.  So I bought two boxes!  On another day I was with my mom shopping and she noticed the cake mix.  Her friend has been looking all over town for this Orangsicle Cake Mix so again we bought 12 more boxes for her.  Since this cake mix is only seasonal she wanted to stock up!  So I just had to ask for the recipe that she makes along with this cake mix.
It was absolutely tasty!!  The cool whip frosting is to die for!  I think I just need to keep this frosting in the freezer.

Orange Dreamsicle Poke Cake

1 box Pillsbury Orangsicle Cake Mix
1 small box instant vanilla pudding
2 Tbsp Sour cream
8 oz Cool Whip- unfrozen
1/2 cup Orange Juice
2 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp orange extract
orange food coloring

Bake cake according to box in a 13×9 dish.  Let cool.  When cooled down with the handle of the  wooden spoon poke holes.  In a bowl add the orange juice and sugar together and let dissolve    Whisk in sour cream, extract and food coloring.  Stir in pudding then stir in Cool Whip.  Make sure cake is completely cooled and add cool whip frosting on top.  Trying to get down in the holes.  Keep chilled.

My Notes:
This cake was fantastic. You definitely need to use the orange extract to reach the flavor.  I think next time I won’t add the pokes.  I was never able to get the frosting deep in the holes that well.  Also if you cant find the Orangsicle cake mix I think a white cake or yellow cake mix will taste just fine.  Most of the flavor is in frosting.  Or add a little extract to the other flavor cake mixes.

Bacon Ranch Potatoes

We were having such nice sunny weather..even though it was short lived.  So I had to take advantage of the sunshine and barbecue.   I wanted to have potatoes with dinner but I wanted have something different then just a baked potato.  So I started looking on Pinterest and sort of combined a few recipes together.  
We both agreed they were great so I will be making these again.

Bacon Ranch Potatoes

3-5 potatoes cut into wedges
1 Tbsp ranch powder
1 Tbsp EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Green onion
sour cream

Wash and cut potatoes into wedges.  I left the skin on.  Put potatoes in a plastic bag add oil and ranch and shake.  In a sprayed glass pan (I used 5×7) add potatoes.  Bake in the oven at 350 for 45-50 minutes.  While potatoes are cooking, cook bacon and crumble.  Make sure to use real bacon and not imitation bacon bits. We need the real deal for this recipe! When potatoes are done give them a stir and turn on the broiler.  Cook under broiler until they look crispy brown on top.  Take out of oven and add the bacon and cheese, place back into oven until cheese is melted. Add green onion and sour cream after cheese is melted

My Notes:
I wanted to add a little extra flavor but didn’t want to put ranch on top with the sour cream.  So I added ranch powder to the sour cream and mixed together.


Easy Tin Foil Dinners

Have you ever had a Tin Foil Dinner?  If you haven’t then you are missing out.  We usually make these when we are camping and toss them into the fire pit to cook.  But since we don’t go camping as much as I would like lately, I have started making them and baking them in the oven.  It’s nice and easy and there are less dishes at the end of night.
You can basically add any kind of meat and veggies.  Its nice to help clean out the fridge before your produce goes bad.
First get your tinfoil if you heavy duty it works better.  Pull out about 24″ and fold in half
Next add your meat. We did hamburger that I seasoned with different spices.  Chicken is great also.  Try to make your meat into a ptty so it cooks evenly.
Next you can any vegetables that your family loves.  I added sliced potatoes, carrots, corn, onion and green pepper. I usually add broccoli but we were out.
I also add a can of cream chicken soup that I dilute with a little bit of milk so its a little bit creamier.  I add about a 1 tbsp of butter.  I sprinkle some more spices on top.
Next fold over the top and fold the sides into each other to make a pouch.  If you have long nails be careful not to poke a hole in the tinfoil
Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 1 hour and 20 minutes
Be careful when you open it up.  There is a lot of steam inside the pouch.
Ta-da!  Dinner is made.  
The great thing about this meal is you can make it the day before and keep in the fridge and toss it into the oven when you get home from work.  More time to play with your babies instead of cooking!

Easter Holiday & new recipe

Hope everyone had a great Easter!  It was my little mans 1st Easter. I wanted everything to be perfect and memorable.  The entire day was fun filled with visiting family and playing with all his new gifts from the Easter bunny. 
The only part that wasn’t perfect this Easter was some of my cooking. Have you ever made a recipe that didn’t turn out as great as you wanted?  Well that happened to me!  I was attempting to make Paula Deen Baked French Toast this recipe looked so good and I never tried baked french toast before. Well it was a complete fail!  I followed the recipe exactly but the bread stayed soggy and  I have texture issue with foods and soggy bread is one of them. So I was boring and made regular french toast instead.  Then I was going to make deviled eggs.  I boiled my eggs and was about to get them prepared.  I knew it was a bad sign when I had a hard time peeling the egg shell off.  Then I cut them open and they were not completely cooked all the way.  So long story short I wasted 2 dozen eggs this weekend.  At least the two main courses turned out well that night.  The ham and the dessert! They were awesome. Recipes to come so stay tuned!
Since we have a lot of leftover ham in the fridge I was trying to find a recipe to make.  I gave my husband a few options and this is the one he picked.  Im glad to because it was delicious!  I was a little skeptical at first but it will be added to my list of approved meals to make again. LOL

Cheddar Ranch Ham Braid

1.5 cups of cooked ham
1 cup chopped broccoli
1/2 chopped white onion
1.5 cups cheddar cheese
1 Tbsp parsley
1 tsp garlic powder
3 Tbsp Ranch Dressing
1 roll Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Unroll crescent rolls and push seams together creating on big sheet of dough.  With a knife make 1″ wide strips towards the middle making sure to cut along the long sides.  Make sure you leave a 3″ wide strip down the center of the dough. Mix together the first 7 ingredients. Spread the mixture down the center of the dough.  Fold the side strips into the middle.  Bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown on top.  Serve with a little extra ranch on top.

My notes:
I would assemble it on a cookie sheet. Mine got destroyed moving it over to the cookie sheet.